has 3 workshops with modern equipment necessary for production of high-quality castings form the very beginning to finished product. Also SCBF has special equipment for non-damage quality control – x-ray, magnetic-powder and ultrasound.


Foundry workshop

Equipped with 3 electric arc furnaces with 9 t. melting capacity (200 t. per day maximum capacity) and 3 no-baked sand molding lines with core’s shops.


Heat-treatment workshop

Equipped with 4 thermal ovens and 5 turbine shot-blasting machines, quenching bath.

Heat treatment, quenching facility:
- Max. casting dimension, WxLxH or Ø (mm): 3100x3100x2500
- Max net weight per item (kg): 8000

Possibility to do the annealing, normalizing, stress-relief, proper temperature control on quenching area.


Mechanical workshop

Equipped with various milling machines and turning lathes.

Machining abilities:
- Machining on NC horizontal milling up to 1500x2800 mm;
- Milling up to the dimension 16000 x 3500 x 1200 mm;
- Drilling up to the dimension 3150 x 2500 x 1250 mm;
- Turning on vertical lathes (carrousel) up to the diameter 4000 mm;
- Turning on centre lathes up to the diameter 1250, length 4000 mm;
- Drilling up to the diameter 80 mm.



SCB Foundry has all necessary equipment for production numerous kinds of steel castings for different industries, such as rail, construction, marine, energy and even military. However, historically main products for SCBF were car sets for rail bogies and frames for locomotives. There are CIS and USA the key markets, CIS – bolsters and side-frames for CIS railway bogies, USA – casted locomotive frames for General Electric Transportation and Progress Rail (ElectroMotive Diesel – Caterpillar), bolsters and side-frames (Barber) for Wabtec Corporation.

During 2011-2013 years SCBF produced: - up to 50 locomotive (truck) frames per month;
- and up to 650 car sets per month (1’300 bolsters and 2’600 side frames) for CIS bogy types with combination with truck frames production.

There is a good opportunity to increase output of car-sets up to 1’000 pcs monthly with minor CAPEX investments.